A b o u t

I am interested in the bonds (both ephemeral and permanent) that occur when a space is activated by its physical connection to the human body. Within my work, I utilize cultural references of both the self and of place in the form of landscape and body imagery to connect the viewer to my own personal and collective narratives. Looking at the intersections of trauma and nostalgia through one’s timeline, the actuality of what happens and what one perceives to happen can become obstructed. It leaves one vulnerable to what their self-identity may become. Being born in Cuba, and having grown up in Miami, the uncertainty of my own identity became apparent to me at an early age. My own experience as a first-generation immigrant lead to an investigation of identity constructs. I use the landscape and the body to examine aspects of the self in relation to the whole. Choosing to work from this empathic base in order to bridge the gap that separates both the artist and the viewer. Through the intentional act of sharing my own personal narrative, my works engage the viewer through a collaborative experience of self-reflection, where my body, or the present body, becomes a mirror for the viewer.  Concentrating on this personal narrative, and drawing relations to my environment with the associated past, present and future; I explore the central importance of life and the symbiotic balance it connotes through the interconnected relationship of body, cognition, and environment. 

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